Sades Gaming Headset Cradle, Acrylic Headphone Bracket Stand


  • Sades S-xlyz Headset Stand :Perfectly support your headphone/headset.With solid Acrylic plastic and stable base, easily hang your gaming headset or any other type of headphone you have.
  • DESIGN:Stylish design, the Acrylic material allow lighting to pass throught the red/blue, a nice add on to a gamer’s room decor, a more cohesive look.
  • FUNCTION:Effective in keeping your headphones from getting damaged, knocked off your desk, and keeps your desk nice and organized.
  • SAFE:A rubber rest on the top of the headphone rest which keeps your head set from moving around and possible falling off.
  • Easy assembly, coordinates well with your gaming setup or lots of popular computer gaming accessories. Cradle dimension: 10.6 x 6.3 x 5.5 inches.
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Sturdy cradle to protect your headphone
Simple design but support your headphone/headset with no problems, cradle itself is light but sturdy enough to protect headset from tipping over, as it is made of solid acrylic material and stable base.

Clear up your desk space and keep your room neat
Never put headphones lying around the desk any longer, just hang them up on this stand and makes it a nice add on to your room decor, a more cohesive look.

Suitable for all kinds of headphone/headset
Functions well for what it is made to do, all the headphones hung on them it holds well. Very easy to assemble,detachable structure gives you durability and extended lifetime.

Futuristic design
This headphone cradle is very stylish and edgy in design. It is made of plastic, with a cushioned rubber part to prevent the headphones from slipping. Acrylic material allow lighting to pass throught the red/blue!

1. Plastic Material
2. Removable design
3. Multiple locks,easy to install
4. Can be placed any headphones
5. Can protect your equipment from exclusive gaming dirt and damage caused by accidental drops
6. Color: Red
Package Include:
1 x Headset Stand
The headset not includ

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