Choetech 240W USB Type C Braided Fast Charging Cable – 2M

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Choetech charging and data cable USB-C – USB-C PD3.1 240W 480 Mbps 2m black (XCC-1036)

The USB-C cable from Choetech is not only of excellent workmanship and durability, but also fast charging Power Delivery 3.1 240W, which makes it irreplaceable for charging and synchronizing data of your laptop, smartphone, tablet and other devices.


  • Brand: Choetech
  • Model: XCC-1036
  • USB standard: USB2.0
  • Black colour
  • Connector type: USB-C (male)
  • Data transfer: 480 Mb/s
  • Supported power: up to 240W
  • Cable length: 2m
  • Charging support: Power Delivery 3.1 240W

A modern cable for demanding users
The Choetech USB-C cable is a convenient and versatile solution that will work in many situations. It allows for fast and stable signal transmission at speeds up to 480 Mbps and enables fast charging of devices thanks to Power Delivery 3.1 support up to 240 W.

Instantly charge your devices
It is an excellent product for people who appreciate the speed of charging their equipment. Thanks to the support of the PD 240 W fast charging protocol, the cable allows you to quickly charge the device. For example, charging the MacBook Pro 2021 to 39% takes only about 30 minutes. Thanks to this, the user does not have to wait long for a full charge and can quickly return to work.

Wide Compatibility
The Choetech cable works with a variety of devices including smartphones, laptops, SSDs, hubs and more.

The most important advantages of the Choetech USB-C cable:

  • Fast Charging : Thanks to the support of the PD3.1 fast charging protocol, the 240W Choetech cable allows you to quickly charge devices such as smartphones or laptops.
  • Safety : The Choetech cable is designed with user and device safety in mind.
  • Wide Compatibility : Works with various types of devices such as smartphones, laptops, SSDs, and hubs.