Dash Cam Hardwire Kit USB Type C Port for ROVE R2, R2-PRO and R3 Dash Cam Models (Pre-Order)

35.00 JOD

  • 【Compatible for ROVE R2-4K with USB-C Port, R2-4K PRO and R3 Dash Cam with USB Type C】 This dash cam hardwire kit is specially designed for ROVE R2, R3, and R2-4K PRO dash cam to be used for 24-hours parking monitor.
  • 【24/7 Parking Monitoring for Supercapacitor Dash Cam】ROVE R2-4K (with USB-C Port Only), R3 & R2-4K PRO have a 24-Hour Parking Monitor feature – This hardwire kit provides continuous power to your camera when your car is parked.
  • 【Clean Installation – Ditch the USB 12V Car Charger】You can use this dash cam hardwiring kit for clean installation in your car. This dashcam hardware kit connects to your car’s fuse box directly hiding all the cables neately.
  • 【A Complete dashcam hard wiring kit 】All necessary fuse taps, volt meter, and other components are included in our kit for an easy installation and user experience that you will only get with ROVE.
  • 【Easy DIY Installation Manual Included】Our products come with a beautifully written user manual, and how-to videos are also available which you can follow easily step by step.
  • 【Important NOTE】The included fuse taps are NOT compatible with the following vehicles due to their unique fuse box design: 2021 Ford F150, 2011 Ford F150 Lariat, Ford F350, 2011 Ford Edge, 2013 Ford Explorer, 2013 Ford Expedition, 2021 Ford Ranger, 2013 Ford F150, 2016 Ford Expedition, 2014 Ford F250 Super Duty, Mazda CX5 2021, 2012 Chrysler 300C AWD, 2024 GMC Sierra HD, 2014 Jeep Cherokee KL, 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe, 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, 2022 Jeep Gladiator, 2023 Hyundai Palisade & Audi Q5.
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ROVE Ultimate 3-Lead Hard Wire Kit With USB Type – C For ROVE R2-4K, R2-4K PRO & R3 Dash Cam Models –

ROVE Ultimate 3-lead Hardwire Kit – USB Type-C is a power management device that provides power to your R2-4K(with USB-C Port Only), R2-4K PRO & R3 dash cam models, and most other dash cams with a USB Type-C connector from your car’s battery via fuse box to keep your device continuously running even after your car’s engine is turned OFF to utilize the 24-HR Parking Monitor feature.

dash cam hardwire kit for rove r3 3-lead hwk


The ROVE Ultimate 3-Lead Hard Wire Kit With USB Type-C is Specially designed for:

  • ROVE R2-4K Dash Cam (with USB-C Port Only), Powerful 4K Dash Cam with Built-in Wi-Fi 6, GPS Supercapacitor
  • ROVE R2-4K PRO Dash Cam, Front Channel 4K Dash Cam, Built-in 5G Wi-Fi, GPS, Supercapacitor.
  • ROVE R3 Dash Cam, 3” IPS Touch Screen, 3 Channel Dash Cam Front, and Rear with Cabin.

R3 Hardwire Kit Complete Installation Tools Set Included

R3 Hardwire Kit - Step-1R3 Hardwire Kit - Step-2R3 Hardwire Kit - Step-3

R3 Hardwire Kit - Step-4R3 Hardwire Kit - Step-5R3 Hardwire Kit - Step-6


R3 Hardwire Kit - Surge Protection