Logitech MK850 Performance Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo


    • Logitech Mk850 performance wireless keyboard and Mouse combo
    • Contoured right-handed mouse with hyper-fast scroll wheel enables you to fly through documents and web pages
    • Type quietly and comfortably for hours at your desk on a full-size keyboard with cushioned palm rest And carefully-crafted keys
    • Both keyboard and Mouse are fully multi-device and multi-os friendly for powering through projects
    • Start typing on your computer, then switch and Type on your tablet, phone or on a second computer
    • Features optical 1000 DPI resolution for silky prominent movement
    • Built-in 8-Buttons and scrolling wheel for fast page navigation and handy control over browsers’ Tabs
    • Offers plug and play interface Chrome OS
    • Usb wireless Bluetooth/RF USB wireless Bluetooth/RF Optical – 1000 dpi – 8 button – scroll wheel – AAA, AA – Compatible with desktop computer, smartphone, notebook, tablet (Chrome OS, Windows, Android, Mac, iOS)
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