Oral-B by Braun Kids Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush with 4 Star Wars Themed Stickers

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  • Specifically designed to be gentle for kids
  • Round brush head sized for small mouths
  • Gentle on gums with extra soft bristles
  • Suitable for ages 3+
  • Customise the brush handle with 4 Disney Lightyear themed stickers
  • Works with the free Disney Magic Timer app by Oral-B
  • Rechargeable battery for an 8-day charge
  • Encourages brushing for 2 minutes with a built-in-timer
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oral b 90% of kieds brush longer

Gentle on teeth & gums, tough on cavities

Oral-B Kids 3+ electric toothbrush design was inspired by dentists for small, delicate teeth and gums. It cleans better than a manual toothbrush. Yet it is gentle on kids’ delicate teeth and gums to keep them healthy. Hold the brush in place for a few seconds on each tooth and let it do all the work.

Kid-sized extra soft brush head & sensitive mode

The small, kid-sized brush head includes the softest bristles Oral-B has ever made for milk teeth. They act like tiny cushions to prevent harshness yet give an excellent clean.

The Kids’ sensitive mode gives a gentle yet thorough clean to delicate little mouths.

Customise with stickers

The Oral-B Kids 3+ electric toothbrush comes with four Disney Pixar Lightyear themed stickers that wrap around the brush handle so that your kid can make this toothbrush their favourite.

Built-in two minute timer

The Oral-B Kids 3+ electric toothbrush comes with a built-in timer so that your kid gets the dentist-recommended two-minute brushing time which helps to establish a lifetime of good brushing habits. It also vibrates every 30 seconds to indicate when to change areas.

Disney Magic Timer App

90% of kids brush longer with the free Disney Magic Timer App by Oral-B*. Brushing becomes super fun as they earn virtual stickers of their favourite Disney characters after brushing for the dentist-recommended two minutes. It’s available for free on the Apple Store and Google Play.

*Based on a use test among children ages 4-14 years, conducted by P&G, October 2013

Rechargeable battery

With Oral-B Kids 3+ rechargeable battery, fun brushing time is just a moment away at the touch of a power button. The brush comes with a charging base that fits easily on any bathroom sink or counter.

#1 most recommended brand by dentists worldwide*

Oral-B is the #1 dentist recommended brand worldwide*. All our toothbrush designs are inspired by dentists to give your kid a gentle and effective clean at every age of their development.

*Based on surveys conducted between November 2019 and June 2021 and confirmed to be statistically significant at a 95% confidence level by Radius Illumination, September 2021

Replace your brush head regularly

Dentists recommend replacing brush heads every three months to keep an effective clean. When bristles are splayed or faded, it is time to change.