ThermoPro TP55 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer with Large Touchscreen

18.00 JOD

  • Backlight & Touchscreen: Humidity meter with large, 4-inch-LCD display features backlight and touchscreen, making it easier to read in dim light conditions and allows for simple operation
  • High Accuracy: Features a high accuracy that is within ±1°F/°C and ±2%–3% relative humidity (RH), making this room thermometer indoor ideal for use in the living room, baby room, kitchen, greenhouse, guitar room, office and cellar
  • Responsive Readings: Humidity reader indicates current air conditions to help you implement proper humidity control that can help benefit your skin and alleviate allergies and other health problems
  • Max & Min Records: Digital thermometer indoor displays MAX & MIN humidity and temperature records and trends every 10 seconds, allowing you to adjust your thermostat or humidifier accordingly
  • Multiple Placement Options: Wall thermometer indoor features tabletop stand, wall mount and built-in magnet that allows it to be used in any type of room; °F/°C selectable; Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included)


humidistat and thermostat

ThermoPro TP55 Digital Room Thermometer and Hygrometer with Large Touchscreen and Backlight Temperature and Humidity Monitor

Equipped with professional-grade sensors, the ThermoPro TP55 thermometer for home use provides highly accurate measurements, be it for indoor humidity or temperature, informing you if adjustments are necessary for your household. This indoor thermometer and humidity gauge is not just highly accurate, but also extremely user-friendly with a backlight that allows you to make night time checks right before bed.

  • Temperature Range: -58°F–158°F(-50°C–70°C)
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C/°F
  • Humiditity Resolution: 1%
  • Humidity Range: 10%-99%
  • Comfort Indicator: Dry, Comfortable, Wet
  • If humidity is below 30%: Dry
  • If humidity is between 30% and 60%: Comfortable
  • If humidity is above 60%: Wet

Touchscreen LCD Display

Feature-rich LCD display allows users to interact using a simple touch. To conserve battery power, this unit’s backlight turns off automatically after 15 seconds of inactivity. Low battery icon indicates when it’s time to replace the batteries. Displays all-time/24-hour highs and lows for humidity and temperature to let you see trends as they happen.

High Accuracy & Fast Refresh Rate

Humidity sensor offers professional-level accuracy to within ±1°F/±0.5°C and ±2-3% relative humidity (RH). 10-second refresh speed keeps you up to date with current conditions.

Comfort Level Indicator

The comfort indicator helps you ensure proper humidity control in your home by informing you when the humidity drops below 30%, or exceeds 60%.

Large 4″ LCD Display for Easy Reading

Large 4″ backlit display with easy-to-read digits allows for optimal viewability at any angle or light condition.

Historic Records & Trend Indicators

Displays high and low records for humidity and temperature in addition to trend indicators to inform you of any changes to your surroundings.

Multiple Placement Options

Our indoor hygrometer features a tabletop stand, a wall mount and a built-in magnet that allows you to place this indoor thermometer wherever it is most convenient for you.