TP-Link Tapo T110 Smart Door Contact Sensor

12.00 JOD

  • REQUIRES Tapo Hub-To utilize Tapo contact sensor T110, a Tapo hub H100 (sold separately) and a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection are required. Tapo T110 communicates with the hub via the Sub-1G Low-Power Wireless protocol, which provides extended battery life for the sensor and a wider coverage area compared to Wi-Fi. The Tapo Hub H100 can connect up to 64 sensors simultaneously and includes a 90dB ringer with 19 different ringing tones. The Tapo Hub also enables the use ofSmart Action for sensors and other Tapo devices even when the network is disconnected and is highly responsive.
  • Go Beyond Just Doors and Windows- The device provides real-time monitoring of windows, doors, cabinets, fridges, mailboxes, and other items that can be opened or closed.
  • Real-Time Notification- If a door or window is opened unexpectedly, you will receive instant alerts on your phone. You can also program the Hub to activate a siren as a warning in the event of danger or to deter intruders.
  • Smart Action- Tapo T110 serves as a common precondition for Smart Actions. You can program your Smart Contact Sensor to turn lights on or off, or to disable your Tapo security camera when a door is opened.
  • Long-Lasting Performance- Assuming triggers of less than 30 times per day, the device can operate for up to 2 years using only a single CR2032 battery, which is included.
  • Easy Installation- Easily mount the device to nearly any surface using the included 3M adhesive.
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