UGREEN 3 In 1 Out HDMI 4K 30Hz Switcher Splitter

19.00 JOD

  • HDMI SWITCH 3 IN 1 OUT: This UGREEN 4K HDMI switch box can easily stream video and audio from 3 HDMI devices to 1 HDMI display, which frees you from plugging and unplugging HDMI cables, so you can easily enjoy work, and play games between 3 devices.
  • CONVENIENT REMOTE: This HDMI switch with remote allows you to easily switch HDMI channels up to 16 FT from your couch or bed, so you don’t have to leave your comfort zone, giving you greater convenience. Button switch lets you switch between 3 game consoles at any time with a flick of a button. Note: Please pull off the plastic clip from the remote controller before using it.
  • Wide Compatibility: This HDMI Switch 3 in 1 out is compatible with most HDMI source devices, compatible with Apple TV, Roku, Stick/Fire Stick, PS5/PS4/PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Laptop/PC, Blu-ray and DVD players, etc.
  • Faster & More Stable Transmission: This compact HDMI switcher connector provides high bandwidth 10.2Gbps data transmission, Input and output AWG28 HDMI standard cable length could reach up to 8M(26FT). Powered by USB (USB cable included), ensures stable video transmission and better performance.
  • Higher 4K Resolution: Our 3-port HDMI switch supports up to 4K, 3840×2160@30Hz and is backward compatible with 2560×1440@60Hz, 1920×1080@120Hz. Note: Please use HDMI cable within 16 feet and set TV display to HDCP 1.4/1080P resolution.
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HDMI Switch 4K 3 in 1 OutHDMI Switch 4K 3 in 1 OutHDMI Switch 4K 3 in 1 OutHDMI Switch 4K 3 in 1 Out

Seamless Auto Switch

HDMI switcher will automatically switch to the latest detected HDMI source seamlessly.

Save you trouble to switch your display to your latest HDMI device.


  • Please use HDMI cable with HDMI 1.4 version or above for best performance.
  • The input cable should not be longer than 5m, the output cable should not be longer than 10m, otherwise, the signal will decrease.
  • It is recommended that the total length of HDMI cable is ≤8M(26FT) if you need to get 4K@30hz video connections.
  • For some devices, the HDMI Switch may not work due to insufficient power, please confirm whether the power supply is connected.


  1. Please pull off the plastic clip from the remote controller before using.
  2. The distance should be within 5m with NO barrier.


1. Support 4K*2K, Full HD 1080P

2. Support 3D

3. Supports 250MHz/2.5Gbps per channel (7.5Gbps all channel)

4. No external power supply required

5. Switching: key-press-switching, IR remote control

6. Size: 126*75*18mm