UGREEN 4K@60Hz DP to HDMI Adapter

13.00 JOD

  • DP Male to HDMI Female
  • 4K UHD Resolution
  • Plug and play
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UGREEN DP Male to HDMI Female Cable

Enables you to connect the DP-enabled source device to HDMI port displays, such as the computer host with high definition graphics. Support high definition video and audio transmission for a fantastic gaming experience.

More Display for Better Productivity

1.Expand your workspace with another HDMI display.
2.Easily add another HDMI display to your PC, Graphics Card which might run out of HDMI port for better productivity.
3.Mirror the same content on both monitors for presentation.

4K 60Hz DP to HDMI Adapter

Support 4K resolution up to 3840*2160 at 60Hz, backward compatible with 2560*1440@120Hz,1920*1080@144Hz, which is ideal to get the most out of your new 4K TV and monitor.

Universal Compatibility

Connect to laptops, desktop tower, GPU, TV, projector, monitor, VR headset, universally compatible with ProBook EliteBook, ThinkPad, AMD, NVIDIA, etc. Configure monitor to Mirror Mode to duplicate primary display for video streaming or gaming. Configure monitor to Extend Mode to expand the desktop area.

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4K 60Hz DP to HDMI Adapter