UGREEN USB-A & USB-C to NVMe M.2 SSD Enclosure

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  • 2 in 1 NVME Enclosure: The 2 in 1 USB-C and USB-A ports design offers an easy way to connect M.2 to USB-C or USB-A device. UGREEN SSD enclosure fits M-Key & M+B Key NVME PCIE based SSD above 2TB. Note: Do not support B Key NVME, M and B&M Keys SATA.
  • 10Gbps Ultra-Fast Transmission: Up to 10Gbps transfer speed, this M.2 enclosure can transfer ultra large files to your computer within seconds. 32Gbps PCIE 3.0 while you connect M.2 NMVE SSD. Support UASP/Trim with steady and speedy transmission.
  • Safety and Stability: Built with short-circuit, over-current and multi-protection to ensure safety for your SSD and valuable data. This M.2 enclosure NVME is Made of premium aluminum alloy for better heat dissipation, no cooling fan is needed for high-speed working.
  • User Friendly Design: Plug and play with tool-free installation, no driver needed and no power supply requested for this NVME external enclosure. Support hot-swapping. Compact and portable with a sleek aluminum shell for easy carrying while on the go.
  • Broad Compatibility: Applicable to sizes 2242/2280 solid state drivers. Supports Windows10/8/7/XP, Mac OS, LINUX, Android, IOS system. Package includes 2 in 1 USB-C and USB-A Ports M.2 SSD Enclosure and user manual.
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USB-A & USB-C 2-In-1 Design

Combined with USB-A and USB-C connectors simultaneously, UGREEN 2-IN-1 M.2 enclosure provides an easy way to change between USB-A and USB-C port devices.

Convenient Bridge Between M.2 SSD and PC

UGREEN External M.2 SSD Enclosure is meant to connect a SATA NGFF based M.2 SSD to a USB-A or USB-C computer for more stable and quicker data exchange. It easily turns an M.2 SSD into a portable external hard drive that helps to reuse your old M.2 SSD.

Super Speed Transmission with UASP

Engineered with USB 3.1 Type C Gen2 interface(10Gbps) and delivers max data transmission rate up to 10Gbps.

With UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) it accelerates 70% faster on reading speed and 40% faster on writing speed.

Sleek & Compact Size

Made of premium aluminum ally features a lightweight and sleek design with compact size, making it durable and portable to carry around.

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10Gbps High Speed

Features USB C 3.1 Gen2 interfaces, it supports data transfer rate up to 10Gbps. Faster enough to transfer 1GB video in 1 second.

Sufficient Heat Dissipation

Made of premium aluminum that does better at heat dissipation, no need to worry about overheat.

Compact Size

Compact and sleek size makes this enclosure easily slide into your backpack, travel case, laptop bag. Perfect for on the go.

nvme external enclosure nvme m.2 enclosure

M.2 enclosure NVME

Broad Compatibility:

Compatible with Samsung: Samsung 970 Pro-NVMe SSD 512G 960 Pro-NVMe SSD 500G

Compatible with Kingston: Kingston-NVMe SSD 500G

Compatible with Intel: Intel 600P-NVMe SSD 2TB

Compatible with HP: HP-NVMe SSD 1TB

Compatible with Western Digital: WD SN 750-NVMe SSD 500G

Compatible withMicron: Micron NVMe SSD 256G

The above is only a partial list of models, If your ssd not included in the list,please let us know, we are very gladly to help you check if the enclosure can work with your ssd.

Warm Reminder

  • If your M.2 SSD drive is the first time to use, please reformat it before using it. Do as following instructions: My Computer – Disk Management – Reformatting the drive.