Oral-B 3D White PRO Electric Toothbrush Heads with CleanMaximiser Technology – 8 Pack


  • Whiter teeth starting as of day 1 by removing surface stains
  • Only genuine Oral-B brush heads feature X-shape bristles that clean in areas that regular ones cannot reach for optimal cleaning efficacy
  • Oral-B 3D White features unique polishing cup to remove surface stains
  • Guaranteed fit with Oral-B electric rechargeable toothbrushes except Pulsonic and iO toothbrushes
  • Brush head usage indicator: bristles turn from green to yellow reminding you when to change to keep 100 Percent cleaning efficacy
  • Oral-B is #1 brand most used by dentists worldwide with clinically proven results
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Round cleans better

Round brush heads surround each tooth for better reach in between teeth, removing up to 100% more plaque compared to a manual toolhbrush.

X-shaped bristles remove more plaque

Oral-B brush heads feature X-shaped bristles that are clinically proven to adapt & reach all surfaces of the teeth, trapping plaque that regular bristles cannot reach for a better, deeper clean.

Gentle for gums

Oral-B technology combines different types of bristles to provide extra gum care and gentles. For a more enjoyable brushing experience.

Brush head usage indicator

Dentists recommend replacing brush heads every three months for 100% cleaning efficacy. Oral-B brush heads feature bristles usage indicator technology that indicates time to change based on individual brushing style.

Designed & Made in Germany

Oral-B has conducted over 200 clinical trials and is proud to have the research and production centres in Kronberg Germany that ensure the precise and safe quality of our replacement brush heads.

Original Oral-B brush heads

Ensuring a high quality of our Oral-B brush heads is an essential requirement for our whole production process. Oral-B only produces Oral-B original brush heads and doesn’t supply any other brand.

78% Bio-based plastic*

To reduce the amount of fossil-derived feedstocks and our environmental impact, we source bio-based mass balance plastic for our brush heads. Not all plastics can be converted to a bio-based mass balance alternative yet, as we still need some special materials to ensure high performance and quality of our brush heads.

#1 Most used brand by dentists worldwide*

Oral-B toothbrushes are developed with dentists and are the No. 1 toothbrush brand used by dentists worldwide.*

*Based on surveys conducted between October 2020 ond May 2022 and confirmed to be statistically significant at a 99% confidence level by Radius Illumination, September 2022